What to do if employees have problems with changes?

Impact of Organizational Changes

As call centers strive to increase productivity, they constantly change their processes, structures, and technology. This can lead to fear and even anger among employees who may feel uncertain about their ability to keep up with the new technology or worry that organizational changes could render them redundant.

These reactions can negatively impact the acceptance of new systems, such as a CRM, or even block structural changes altogether. The result is a cost, both in terms of money and time, that could have been avoided with better attention to the complexities of behavioral change.

Employees may refuse to use the new system and take their complaints to the works council. Reporting these issues to the supervisor only exacerbates the problem, as it can indicate a lack of acceptance of the changes. Project managers and executives are often caught off guard by these problems, which can result in repeated project steps and wasted time and money.

The solution to these problems lies in targeted coaching

A skilled coach in both organizational and behavioral changes can address employee’s fears and anger, provide them with ways to manage change, and help them find solutions to their concerns. It’s ideal if the coach has prior experience in a similar position to the employees, as this can help build trust and reduce fear. An external coach can also be helpful in this regard, as employees may feel more comfortable opening up to someone outside the organization.

The coach should be able to keep the employee’s concerns confidential and provide the supervisors with feedback from the entire team rather than individual opinions. With their diplomatic skills and ability to navigate personal questions, a professional coach can quickly and efficiently solve acceptance problems and save the organization significant time and resources.

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