The Critical Role of Leadership in Crisis

As a Management Consultant, Founder and Entrepreneur with over two decades of leadership experience, I’ve personally witnessed the transformative power of effective leadership, especially during times of crisis. Crises, whether economic downturns, natural disasters, or unforeseen challenges, have the potential to destabilize even the most well-run organizations. In these moments of turbulence, the quality of […]

The Impact of Results-Driven Consulting

The role of consultants is often seen as providing expert advice, strategic insights, and recommendations to help organizations overcome challenges and seize opportunities. However, a fundamental issue arises when these recommendations fail to translate into tangible results. Despite the expertise and guidance consultants provide, many organisations struggle to achieve the desired outcomes and measurable impact. […]

How to Ensure You Are Fulfilling Your Superior’s Request

A lot of us are getting orders or requests from their superiors, from a steering committee, or the management of the company. And at the end of the day, they find that they walk into the wrong direction, and they don’t feel like they are doing the right thing. This article is to ensure that […]

How digitalization can ruin your business model

Everyone says we have to digitize. The herd mentality is unmistakable and unmistakable. But there is a huge lack of differentiation. After all, what exactly is meant by digitalization? And does digitalization in itself really lead to success? Or are there particular factors that are critical to success that need to be considered – and […]

Exceptional Leadership in the Modern World: Embracing Surprising Traits for Success

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we’ve harnessed the wealth of wisdom derived from the expertise of Jens Moeller, Founder of JMC Consulting. Jens brings to the table an impressive 27 years of hands-on project experience, during which he’s served as a troubleshooter for over 90 clients, successfully spearheading more than 100 transformative projects. With […]

Enhancing Results Through Effective Goal Setting: Insights from Jens Moeller

Setting effective goals is essential for improving results and performance, especially in today’s virtual and challenging work environment. In this article, we will explore Jens Moeller’s valuable insights on goal setting and how it can lead to significant improvements in cooperation, productivity, and overall performance. Setting Concrete Goals Let’s delve into the scenario presented by […]

The Path to Success: Setting Clear Goals and Milestones

Did you know that a staggering 92% of people fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of effectiveness? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly achieve their goals while others struggle to make progress? The key lies in effective goal-setting and the determination to turn dreams into reality. In this […]

8 Effective Strategies for Goal Achievement in Leadership

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, leaders face a multitude of challenges that can hinder their progress. That’s where Jens Möller’s strategies come into play. With his practical insights and actionable steps, leaders can navigate these obstacles successfully, achieve their goals, and foster growth within their organizations. This blog post shares eight powerful strategies […]

5 Tips to Ensure Leaders Can Achieve Their Goals

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, leaders face increasing complexity in their decision-making processes. As a board member, CEO, or manager, it is no longer feasible to pre-define the path to strategic goals for direct reports. To effectively lead their teams towards success, leaders must empower and motivate their employees to make good decisions. This article […]

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