Gain the upper hand with proper English language

Place: Online

Duration: 2 hours Classroom (online) plus 2 hours Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Date/Time: on request, Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 CET.

Challenges for participants:
• In an increasingly globalised world, it is becoming more and more important for many 
professionals and executives to use English. What does that mean in concrete terms? 
Most of the time, it’s not about being confident in using English in negotiations. 
Rather, it is important to be aware of and apply the essential formulations that are 
important for one’s own everyday life. 
• Founder Jens Moeller spent half a year in Silicon Valley and then lived in London for 
ten years. He not only knows the linguistic traps in which we Germans frequently fall 
into, but also the cultural ones. Be it, from the German point of view, lumping 
together American business culture with that of England or even “accent English” 
cultures (India, for example). Whether it be the German way of getting straight to 
the point or even having or demanding extremely high expectations of the 
immediate “reliability” of the counterpart against the background of German values. 
This often leads to conflicts and project barriers. 
• It is often found that basic language training – such as that of a language school – is 
not directly helpful for one’s own work processes and challenges, since there is a lack 
of concretisation on the daily work routine. Here, an approach is needed that starts 
from individual processes and daily challenges and is also very selective, i.e. focused 
on rapid gains in linguistic/cultural performance.

• Even in German companies, English is fast becoming the main language of the 
company or project. This can often be seen in subsidiaries of global corporations, in 
service providers with global customers, or in the cooperation of German companies 
with global partners. It is often necessary to follow project management in English 
(project plans, presentations, protocols, WebEx conferences, etc.) whilst speaking to 
your own staff in German. 

Participants learn:
• To recognise the most important linguistic challenges and formulations against the 
background of their job, their own workflow, and everyday life
• To break down their own barriers and at the same time build up joy and motivation 
to initiate and maintain a positive on-the-job learning process 
• Easy-to-use and effective formulations for typical situations in your daily working life, 
which immediately gives you a clear advantage when meeting English-speaking 

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