Leadership of Virtual Teams

Place: Online

Duration: 2 hours Classroom (online) plus 2 hours Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Date/Time: on request, Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 CET.

Challenges for participants:
• With the digitization and decentralization of our workforce, managers are 
increasingly faced with the challenge of having to effectively manage geographically 
dispersed employees.
• In doing so, their own tasks often intermingle, for example with company-wide 
projects and programmes with management responsibilities. There are often 
considerable difficulties in organising time windows for these two fields in such a way 
that project work is successfully completed and at the same time necessary 
management tasks are successfully carried out.
• With the increasing number of projects in day-to-day management, it is becoming 
more and more common today to have other specialists or executives in the role of 
project member or project manager within the context of the project. The manager 
is not authorised to give instructions to these people. 

Participants learn:
• To effectively define and integrate the two fields of action, “participation in 
overlapping projects” and “leadership of one’s own team or department”, so that 
goals can be achieved 
• Self-management and time management techniques to effectively contact and guide 
virtually dispersed employees 
• Techniques for effective leadership in the digital age, such as continuous 
communication of the team’s mission (what do we want to achieve?), providing 
orientation and meaning (what is my role in this context?), concretising and tracking 
the task performance of each individual employee (who does what by what time?)
as well as communication with the team (where do we stand, what is left to do before 
we reach our target?). Overall, these are the keys for successful leadership. 

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