Self-Management / Time Management

Place: Online

Duration: 2 hours Classroom (online) plus 2 hours Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Date/Time: on request, Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 CET.

Challenges for participants:
• The modern business organisation requires employees to be more flexible as well as 
an increasing range of attention to the most complex facts. 
• The individual employee or manager simply feels overwhelmed by the amount and 
complexity of requirements within the available working time. The result is regular 
overtime, medium-term burnout, and reduction in creativity and job satisfaction. 
This in turn means the quality of results suffers. 
• The main challenge is not to push complex tasks more and more in the time available. 
Rather, it is important to recognise what is and isn’t important as well as to recognise 
the causes of urgency, to draw conclusions about priorities, and to effectively 
organise one’s own work accordingly. 

Participants learn:
• How to recognise and apply the differences between classic time management and 
effective prioritisation and execution of tasks
• To understand basic techniques, such as the Edward S. Eisenhower Principle or the 
Pareto Principle, and apply them to everyday life 
• Using case studies on how to organise your own work so that you can get by with the 
time available, avoid time-wasting stress, and achieve optimal results

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