Basic Adient 8D Training with 1-3 Participants

Place: Online

Duration: 2 hours Classroom (online) plus 2 hours Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Date/Time: on request, Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 17:00 CET.

Languages offered: English, German

What you will learn:

What is the purpose of the 8D methodology?

What are the contents, modules and requirements of the 8D methodology?

How can I use the 8D method to achieve peak performance and score points?

What does the Adient-specific 8D form include and how should it be used?

What are the main differences between the Adient-specific 8D Basic and Advanced Form and which one is best for us?

Key Contents:

1D – Building the optimal team / team members: what roles and responsibilities do we need in the team? The selection of the right experts

2D – Problem description: How should we describe the problem?

3D – Preliminary Containment: How can we define and implement containment measures that isolate impacts from all customers until permanent mitigation measures are implemented?

4D – What are the root causes of the problem? How can we identify them?

5D – How can we describe what permanent corrective action we have taken?

6D – How should we review our corrective actions?

7D – Prevention: How can we document that we will avoid this problem in the future?

8D – Closure: What do we need to do and document to be able to close the process?

How to use the ADIENT-specific Advanced 8D form to guide the problem-solving process


Workbook with detailed information, tips and guidelines

ADIENT-specific 8D form as the basis for documenting the 8D results

ADIENT-specific Advanced 8D form to guide the problem-solving process

Documented in-depth tips & tricks from our experts to answer your specific questions about your 8D forms and procedures

Target group:

All Team Leaders, Quality and Project Managers tasked with executing the 8D methodology and preparing the corresponding reports to Adient.