Client Results

Case Studies

  • Client verdict:

    ‘All project goals were more than achieved – they were exceeded.’

  • Client

    A leading web hosting company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Sector:

    Telecoms and Internet.

  • Client aims:

    Improve business operations through the introduction of a new Enterprise System affecting 6,000 employees.

  • Client challenges:

    The key challenge was to ensure that the Enterprise System went live on schedule. A demanding series of goals had to be achieved and co-ordinated beforehand:

    • Key business processes to be optimised.
    • Specific KPI targets to be hit.
  • How JMC did it:

    With significant time pressure and many working parts to handle, we needed buy-in from all staff involved. JMC first identified that, for the relevant groundwork to be achieved, the goals and interests of a variety of stakeholders and employees needed to be aligned and integrated.

    JMC therefore supported a variety of client units in achieving their new objectives; we successfully fostered a project culture of motivation, acceptance and co-operation.

    JMC centralised reporting activities, and also supported the client in integrating the new system of performance measurement into their Service Agreements and Service Level Agreements with external partners.

  • Results:

    All project goals achieved – and more
    The Enterprise System went live successfully, with great staff buy-in. Unexpected benefits arose too:
    By supporting the implementation of related reports and statistics, JMC helped the client to increase quality and speed of customer operations – and to decrease costs. Reported delivery times sped up significantly, with a concomitant reduction in quality assurance-related costs.


    Clear ROI
    The client said, ‘In previous projects I have already got to know Jens Möller as an efficient and successful project and change manager. His great experience has also proven itself in this project and our investment in this project has more than paid off.’

  • JMC say:

    ‘A powerful combination of coaching, training and administrative optimisation.’

  • Client verdict:

    ‘What we particularly appreciate about Jens Möller and JMC is their close and trusting cooperation, their reliability, high flexibility and ability to combine strategic thinking with operational implementation.’

  • Client:

    A leading provider of cashless payment solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Sector:

    Fintech: cashless payment, a key JMC area of expertise.

  • Client aims:

    Improve customer service ratings.

  • Client challenges:

    ‘In terms of quality, we had to improve our customers’ ratings, measured by various indices … In quantitative terms, we had to increase the resolution rate of incoming service requests through organizational changes and training.’

  • How JMC did it:

    • Coaching soft skills for first and second level staff in customer operations and onboarding.
    • Team analysis and individual/group coaching for all managers.
    • Organisational integration – bringing service teams together in one location.
    • Integration of senior staff as coaches as part of training programme for new Customer Onboarding Team.
    • Training of client’s new outsourcing partner.
    • Documentation of processes into definitive manuals; then training the manuals.
  • Results:

    Staff buy-in – motivating change
    The client said: ‘… we were able to significantly increase the acceptance of our comprehensive organizational changes and achieve our strategic goals.’

    ‘Mr. Möller has worked very effectively with our stakeholders as well as internal and external specialists; he was always able to inspire them and our internal specialists and managers for our project goals.’

    Boost to customer service metrics
    ‘Through more customer-friendly and efficient call, email and letter handling we were able to significantly reduce the lead time of our service processes and significantly increase customer satisfaction, measured by customer ratings.’

    ‘JMC Jens Moeller Consulting GmbH contributed significantly to the fact that we were able to significantly increase the number and quality of our processed service requests.’

  • JMC says:

    ‘We drilled down to the particulars of the KPIs and focussed staff morale and teamwork around that insight.’

  • Client verdict:

    ‘All project aims were achieved.’

  • Client:

    A stalwart of the German catering sector with more than 10,000 customers.

  • Sector:


  • Client aims:

    Facing fresh challenges in Customer Marketing and Customer Operations, the client’s leadership team shrewdly decided to focus on developing their teamwork as a business priority.

  • Client challenges:

    • Improve sales.
    • Reduce potential conflicts amongst multiple staff groups in face of new challenges.
    • Increase motivation to work together.
    • Increase efficiency.
  • How JMC did it:

    JMC implemented a focussed programme of executive coaching for the client’s leadership team in the Sales Department (Field Sales Managers). We drilled down to topics such as leading customer-facing staff (with a key focus on developing and maintaining motivation), how to develop interfaces between customer operations, and other key marketing and sales issues.

    By placing the focus on understanding the point of view of other stakeholders, JMC fostered an individual culture of teamwork and communication.

  • Results:

    Conflicts resolved
    Clarity was achieved between the key client departments involved: Customer Marketing, Customer Operations, Distribution, Personnel and Management.
    ‘Teamwork, motivation and achievements were significantly amplified through achieving an understanding of others’ perspectives. Conflicts were resolved, and efficiency in daily business output was increased.’

  • JMC say:

    ‘Executive coaching can pull a team together like nothing else.’

  • Client verdict:

    ‘Mr. Möller has created essential prerequisites for further increasing our sales success and at the same time promoted the loyalty of managers and employees.’

  • Client:

    Global cosmetics giant.

  • Sector:

    Beauty and skincare.

  • Client aims:

    ‘We were looking for an experienced and successful consultant and coach.’

  • Client challenges:

    • The client wanted to teach their sales staff how to support related medical specialists with a custom sales technique designed to handle the complexity of the medical facts involved.
  • How JMC did it:

    3 phases of engagement:

    • Adapt the sales technique to the specific situation.
    • Train the staff with the newly-adapted sales technique in a series of workshops (also including change management).
    • Coach-the-coach coaching, with JMC spending face-to-face time with key employees. A further key topic was the different sales and customer structures of DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
  • Results:

    ‘Mr. Möller inspired our managers and employees to adopt a very successful, new approach to sales and ensured that the very effectively learned behavioural patterns became an integral part of the day-to-day sales routine.’

  • JMC say:

    ‘Because we can be so rigorous with the processes – but persuasive and gentle with the people – coaching sales offers fantastic ROI for clients.’

  • Client verdict:

    ‘Through our structured and innovative approach, Jens Moeller Consulting could remove old blocks and lead the client’s teams to improving their own approaches in their customer interactions.’

  • Client:

    Provider of telemarketing services to German banks.

  • Sector:

    Finance telemarketing.

  • Client aims:

    To run a training and coaching programme for the in-house Customer Service and Appointment Setting Teams.

  • Client challenges:

    • Improve staff performance in handling customers.
  • How JMC did it:

    Two phases:

    Training workshop sessions

    Focusing on awareness and motivation, buying criteria, conversation techniques, structuring the conversation and scripting. Context-specific material: based on staff’s daily challenges regarding current finance products and services, including savings, investments, loans and insurance.

    Coaching sessions

    In a series of group coaching sessions, JMC used role-play to help staff members to practice and develop their conversation strategies and execution with customers. JMC provided analysis, Best Practice guidance – and, of course, friendly encouragement. Participants got the chance to test out new and better approaches with instant feedback.

  • Results:

    Team-enhancing – feedback from the client
    ‘Our employees were highly motivated, raised their sales awareness, and used their creativity to enhance their customer conversations, leading to excellent results and team spirit.’

  • JMC say:

    ‘The science of customer interaction is well-known. The art is in empowering the customer care specialist to become their own customer care coach!’

  • Client Verdict:

    ‘… strongly recommend Mr. Jens Möller as consultant, moderator and sparring partner for organisational development at Board Level.’

  • Client:

    A leading German service company.

  • Sector:

    Facilities Management (as well as recruitment).

  • Client aims:

    Use an ‘experienced consultant’ to moderate the annual internal review of Group strategy.

  • Client challenges:

    Internal challenges: ‘… questions of organizational structure, business processes, the distribution of competencies, and the cooperation and technologies used in the context of digitization.’

    External challenges: ‘… strategic objectives, market strategy, positioning, target segments as well as marketing and sales activities.’

  • How JMC did it:

    JMC achieved, in group discussion, an overview of the nexus of issues facing the client’s Board and supported consensus over strategy and planning.

    Individually, Board members were coached one-to-one in pursuit of individual challenges (including leadership, client and strategy goals).
    At the regional and operational level, JMC supported managers in providing effective leadership.

  • Results:

    Solving problems and achieving buy-in

    ‘Especially we appreciate Jens Möller’s fast and targeted identification of challenges, the close and trustful collaboration, shared and flexible implementation of solutions and securing the acceptance of such solutions by the stakeholders.’

    Coaching success

    Independent of this project, JMC have run coaching programmes for the client’s manager level staff. The client reports widespread benefits for participants, including a new willingness to improve performance and positively shape the ideas of team members.

  • JMC say:

    ‘An independent expert can help to shape strategy – but it does take some experience to secure buy-in from all key teams and individuals.’

  • Client Verdict:

    ‘We were always highly satisfied with Mr. Möller’s services.’

  • Client:

    Leading European pharmaceutical service provider.

  • Sector:


  • Client aims:

    From their HQ in Germany, to roll out a scheme in the UK to test the readability of medical instructions amongst consumers; so-called ‘readability’ tests.

  • Client challenges:

    • Develop and implement operational strategy.
  • How JMC did it:

    Fact-find: with the client, we probed the business background, technical and service requirements and – of course – competition activity. Local conditions in London were analysed.

    Strategy developed with client: we nailed down which approach to take generally, which media and which timescale.

    Managing volunteers: JMC organised legal assistance, marketing and test execution: we ran the readability tests with volunteers and documented the results for the client, including the establishment of an ongoing volunteer database.

  • Results:

    The readability testing – achieved for the first time in challenging new geographical territory – was achieved.

    ‘Thanks to our close, trusting and very successful cooperation we have managed to extend the provision of our services to the UK … We were able to offer our existing services in another language, which enables us to gain more customers thanks to our larger service portfolio.’

  • JMC say:

    ‘Making things happen on the ground means being organised, pro-active and constantly communicating with key stakeholders.’

Client Benefits

Helping leaders to manage their teams virtually …

Using digitisation to link your company from back-office to front-line customer service …
Getting a grip on your specific operations (in cashless payment, call centre tech, etc.) …

… Whatever the challenge your company faces, JMC can help.

Drill down to the particulars of your performance for concrete benefits:


  • Deploy JMC – as a small and flexible consultancy – how you see fit.
  • Use coaching to tackle issues with key Senior Management individuals.
  • Use JMC as an independent expert to develop and moderate strategy.


  • Boost morale through improved leadership.
  • Increase sales conversion.
  • Reduce customer churn.


  • Experience refreshed, newly focused staff.
  • Experience redeveloped and clarified customer service.
  • Experience confident leadership.

Senior Management:

  • Use JMC to deliver ‘your’ trainings or use us to train and coach your staff.
  • Improve specific KPI scores with targeted strategies.
  • Improve collaboration between teams and departments.


  • Tackle your key everyday challenges – we can help!
  • Take control of your own Continued Professional Development
    with JMC’s wide choice of coaching/training options.
  • Invest in your long-term potential.

Quoted verbatim from JMC clients:


  • Highly recommend
  • Valuable contribution
  • Strongly recommend
  • Very pleasing for us
  • Very happy to recommend


  • Extremely effective
  • All project goals were achieved
  • Very effective communication
  • Extremely effective team coaching
  • All project goals were more than achieved


  • An efficient and successful project and change manager
  • Consultant, moderator and sparring partner for strategy development
  • Rare gift of being able to understand a business through the eyes of a customer
  • Open and constructive communication
  • Competent and flexible support


  • Precise assessments of team dynamics
  • Structured and rigorous approach
  • Fast and targeted identification of challenges
  • High analytical ability
  • Calm and level-headed manner

Team Player

  • Very effective communication
  • My employees felt comfortable at all times
  • Again able to work together extremely successfully
  • Continuous and trustful partnership
  • Our competent and experienced partner



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