TTI Success Insights – World-leading executive assessment

Data-driven personality analysis is a proven of getting your key people to outperform expectations. JMC uses the world-renowned TTI Success Insights system as part of our consultancy mix.

JMC coaching and seminars target precisely where you want to identify and use
opportunities to achieve your goals or the goals of your company more effectively and to
achieve faster results.

In organisations, this usually requires effective cooperation:

  • at the same level: with colleagues, also at board level
  • at a lower level: your team, department or company, or
  • at a higher level: your superiors or professional bodies such as project boards or steering committees to whom you report in the context of project work.


As a certified Business Partner of MDI Scheelen, JMC uses worldleading tools to diagnose
such development opportunities: JMC coachees and training participants can specifically
identify these using the tti potential analysis and, together with the JMC coach or trainer,
identify and implement ways to achieve the goal.

What is TTI Success Insights?

  • TTI Success Insights is a development tool that is proven to identify areas of potential in an individual and identify how that individual can work better with others. TTI is also applied to teams as a whole.

Why has TTI got such a great reputation?

  • TTI is recognised to be hugely powerful because it is based on a massive volume of data sets from real-world individuals. TTI confirm that: ‘… somewhere in the world a report is generated in our system every 10.1 seconds.’(
    Identified trends are therefore based on conclusions drawn from 100% captured data (rather than conclusions based on theory).

How does JMC use TTI?

  • EMBED GLOBALLY: We use TTI with training and coaching to identify areas where individuals can co-operate better with company-wide training initiatives.
  • EMBED PERSONALLY: TTI is perfect for targeting coaching. That’s because it allows the participant to set their own targets, which can then be further developed in person with the JMC coach as part of ongoing work together.

What are the benefits of TTI to a company?

  • Because the process identifies areas where individuals can work better with others, TTI unlocks channels of communication and action across your company. That means staff aligning better with colleagues, subordinates, and superiors – as well as with other groups outside your business, especially customers and regulators.

Why use JMC to access TTI?

  • JMC are trained in making TTI work for individuals and companies. You need a trained consultant to interpret your unique questionnaire; the findings do not explain themselves.

How do I get TTI?

  • Ideally, TTI is a tool you are going to get the best out of within an existing coaching arrangement with JMC. But JMC can also arrange authorised access to TTI for you independently – right now.

For DACH (German, Austrian and Swiss) companies:

Email or phone us and we will give you a quote for your exact requirements. We will aim to swiftly understand how TTI can help your company best, and recommend the most practical and cost-effective solution. Licensing requirements demand that we organise payment for the TTI service prior to you engaging with it.

  1. If you agree with our pricing proposals, we issue an invoice.
  2. Immediately after payment, you will receive a code.
  3. Return to this page below.
  4. Tick the box to show that you agree to the privacy policy (see below). You must do this to proceed.
  5. Enter your code in the box provided (see below), which will take you to the TTI page.
  6. Enter your code again. You will then be given access to the TTI process.
  7. Answer the questionnaire.
  8. Upon completion of the questionnaire, JMC will analyse the processed results and email you a comprehensive report. By the terms of the licensing agreement, it is not possible (or desirable) to order a TTI report without discussing it with a licensed expert afterwards; this is a critical part of the process on which the proven effectiveness of TTI rests.


For companies in countries outside DACH:

Email or phone us and we will put you in touch with the relevant authorised agent.

How can JMC offer TTI?

JMC offers certified, authorised access to Insights MDI, which is the part of the TTI process where the results of questionnaire assessment are processed and produced as a document. JMC are trained to interpret these results. We are a Certified Partner of Scheelen, who own the rights to distribute Insights MDI in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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