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Top 5 JMC Training Benefits

Performance depends on training. This is true for individuals as well as teams.And, because we have learnt what companies want out of training,JMC workshops and seminars offer five standout benefits:

1. Cherry pick your training format

2. Active training style for high impact

3. Immediate value for client flexibility

4. Practical take-aways for long-term retention

5. Ready-made seminars available for 24 key topics

Benefit 1

Cherry pick your training format

In terms of material:

JMC will create a tailored sales, Service, and Management/Leadership training package based on your specific needs. Plus, we offer...

In terms of format:

We offer group training sessions on all topics, followed by optional group and one-on-one coaching for even greater results. Our experience shows that using multiple training formats leads to better performance.

JMC has expertise in white labeling and can provide seminars under your training department, staff, or academy. Our topics are also available as online courses, either individually or as part of a group or one-on-one webinars.

Benefit 2

Active training style for high impact

JMC training involves active participation, promoting thinking and organization. This mobilizes the group's potential knowledge, boosting efficiency and morale. Our energetic and focused approach benefits everyone, and our facilitator encourages knowledge exchange to embed learning further.

Benefit 3

Immediate value for client flexibility

Flexibility is crucial for our clients; we help keep their options open. For example, during the initial session with JMC, we provide a training strategy and execution roadmap you can use immediately. From there, your company can proceed independently or work with us to develop and implement an action plan.

Benefit 4

Practical take-aways for long-term retention

You need practical solutions, not just a theory, to improve customer and team interactions. That's why every JMC seminar has specific learning goals and actionable steps for immediate implementation. Participants practice new methods immediately, embedding the training and ensuring a strong ROI for clients. By the end of the seminar, participants are equipped to put their training into action.

Benefit 5

24 pre-designed seminars on Sales, Customer Service, and Management/Leadership are available

Customized training packages or individual seminars available from JMC


  • Personal Sales, Client Retention and Customer Recovery
  • Presentation techniques in Sales
  • Negotiation techniques and discussions with regards to discounts
  • Telesales/Telephone Sales/Outbound Telephone Marketing
  • Inbound Telephone Marketing/Cross- and Upselling
  • Customer Recovery - by Phone
  • Sales Support (Appointment and After-Sales Support)

Customer Service

  • Customer Inbound Telephony
  • Collections - Customer-specific
  • Processing of complaints

Management and Leadership

  • Management & Leadership
  • Integrated Company Succession
  • Successful Company Takeover
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership of Virtual Teams
  • Conflict Management
  • Employee Motivation
  • Process Training
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Qualifications
  • Team Training
  • Self-Management/Time Management
  • Executive Coaching/Management Coaching
  • Gain the upper hand with proper English language