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At JMC, coaching is a key service that strengthens our clients' ROI by promoting positive change in their companies. Through analysis, we also provide strategic insights to our clients. Furthermore, we offer training to educate and gain buy-in from essential staff to implement our strategies effectively. Our executive coaching integrates planning and training to ensure sustained success over time.

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Flexible, scaleable coaching

JMC is a small consultancy with 23 years of experience and offers versatile coaching skills. Our executive coaching targets personal or productivity/morale challenges, and we also integrate coaching into broader strategic initiatives. Our coaching is flexible and can address personal or departmental difficulties, such as improving presentation skills.

Invest in staff to invest in themselves

Coaching teaches clients to coach themselves in the future, which is a long-term investment. Clients are trained to self-assess regularly, promoting their professional development and delivering better service to their company.

Tackle teamwork where it counts

Coaching is an effective way to address soft issues like teamwork and morale. Group performance improves by working one-on-one with individuals and guiding them toward personal insight and team buy-in. JMC has over 100 significant client engagements, making them experienced in this area.


We enjoyed the co-operation, especially the attentiveness, the fast reaction to our needs, and the excellent personal service.

Head of Sales

I am very happy to recommend Jens Moeller and JMC Jens Moeller Consulting GmbH as consultant and coach.

Director Medical Channel Active Cosmetics Division, L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH

My employees felt comfortable at all times and we were able to build up the necessary trust together. As a result, we were again able to work together extremely successfully.

Director Customer Service & Sales Support Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH

Through collaborating with JMC, we were able to expand our targeted website traffic by 500%, and to increase the total time visitors spent on our website … Marketing and Sales processes have been streamlined, also by means of new technology.

Managing Director Noetica Ltd

I strongly recommend Mr. Jens Moeller as consultant, moderator and sparring partner for organisational development at Board level.

CEO Wackler Holding SE

How are coaching sessions with JMC?

Discover 10 Insight about JMC's Founder and Lead Coach, Jens Moeller

Jens is very knowledgeable about coaching and is eager to continue learning. He explains what sets JMC coaching apart in this passage and shares some tips.

1. What is the best benefit that coaching offers?

Coaching enhances long-term performance for companies and provides personalized methodologies for individuals, resulting in long-term clarity.

2. How does JMC coaching stand out?

Chemistry is vital in coaching, as it allows coachees to explore their challenges, commit to a plan, and achieve their goals. JMC coaching prioritizes providing support, encouragement, and an energized space.

3. How does JMC structure a coaching engagement?

Clients may combine coaching with other training, such as workshops or seminars. We tailor the material to align with strategic company objectives or address new situations. Aligning individual and team goals is crucial and usually achievable.

4. How would you start a coaching engagement?

Continuing the theme of 'doing it your way,' we will discuss your specific coaching goals.

5. How do you guarantee good ROI for your coaching clients?

PricewaterhouseCoopers' 2009 study found that companies hiring a coach had a median ROI of 700%, with some reporting an ROI of 50 times their investment. JMC ensures they cost accountability through a structured approach to ROI. We work with coachees to establish clear objectives and use tools like TTI Success Insights.

6. If you had only a single question to ask a coachee, what would it be?

'Do you know what drives your performance? If not - let's find out!'

7. What do you enjoy most about coaching?

It is rewarding to see people's hard work pay off when they identify their driving forces and take the brave step to improve performance. Success is predictable in these cases.

8. Do you coach coaches to coach coaches, Jens?

'Yes, I do.' Training others to coach themselves is crucial for long-term ROI, as coaches can continuously improve by checking in with themselves. This empowerment process extends to coaching others to become coaches, creating an 'empowerment chain.'

9. How do clients describe JMC coaching sessions in 3 words?

Friendly, Challenging, and Profound

10. What is the most difficult thing about coaching?

When a person is struggling to realize their potential, they require motivation and support to acknowledge and utilize their strengths.

Remote Coaching

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